Saturday, May 7, 2011

This is James last month

This is me all grown up


Hi Long time no see!!

I'm going to be a Mummy & have been told that now I'm a big girl I should keep my diary up to date.

Too much has happened since I last spoken to you but briefly my half-sister Bliss, L.Follow Your Dreams, won her 3rd CC in 2009 & followed in our Mums footsteps by winning the CC at Crufts 2010, she has been training to get her Show Gundog Working Certificate & if she is successful will become the only living UK Irish setter to hold the Champion Title.

James Copper's Undercover at L. just keeps on winning, In 2010 he won his first CC & 6 Res.CC's.
He now has 5 Limit wins to his credit & is still only 2 years old.

Me, Sky, won my first CC in 2010 & also a Res.CC, at the Irish Setter Club of Wales this year I won my second CC.

My husband for my first litter is a lovely young dog from N. Ireland, Glenavna Journey South JW, "Mackenzie" He has not been in the ring for a while as his owner thinks he needs time to mature, but he is a very handsome boy with a lovely nature & should prove an excellent match for me.

Fern & Promise stay at home most of the time now but all 5 of us went to the CC winners match held by the ISAE in February this year. Not bad to think there are only us 5 at home & we all qualified for the match. Our photo is meant to be here!! but you can see it at the top of the page......................

Bye for now


Friday, July 17, 2009


I'm back.

Sorry not to have kept you up to date, rubbish aren't I !!

Back in May it was Birmingham Ch Show & James won puppy & Novice & BPIB, Bliss was 2nd in Limit.
Then they went off to Scotland for SKC with Mona Hunter judging & James repeated his success with again two classes & BPIB. But Bliss was the star winning Limit & the bitch CC.
Later in the month it was Bath & they didn't fair so well, James only 3rd in his last puppy class & Bliss 2nd in Limit, although to be fair she was losing her coat so quite a good effort.
Southern Counties saw James win a class of one!! & Bliss only 4th in Limit.

At the 1st Joint Irish Setter show, they both came back to form with James winning 4 classes & Bliss topping the Mid-Limit class. Woody went too & got 5th in Grad. but it really wasn't his sort of weather, wet & windy so his coat which was carefully blowed dried straight the day before was a mass of curls!!

A week later & Jane went off to Ireland with Katrina Hall, it was fingers-crossed for a 3rd CC with Bliss but no such luck when it was awarded to her travelling companion!!! Not to worry Glennara Lehana is a daughter of Connor (Sh Ch S. Jackson at L.) & a grand daughter of Sh Ch Lynwood Pioneer of Seadog so still in the family. James won Junior & Graduate.

Three Counties & Ruth Ellis judging, James 2nd Junior, 3rd Yearling & Bliss 1st Limit.

Windsor & I WENT, yes me Sky. I've been in season & grown up a bit & I showed them all how it should be done winning Yearling with my sister Blanche 2nd behind me. The other's ... well James only got 3rd, Woody only short-listed & Bliss only 5th. I'm now entered for a couple more shows so keep an eye out for me.

James won his final open show point at Blackwood show under Ro Cox bringing his total to 27 so he was able to claim his Junior Warrant at only 13months, not bad seeing he didn't arrive from Sweden until he was almost 10 months. He will only go to the one Ch. show he is entered at for the rest of the summer while some of us others will be given a chance to shine. We only sent off for his JW on Monday & his certificate arrived in the post this morning (Friday) Well Done the Kennel Club!!

Have you noticed that our website has been updated, not quite completed but you will find pages for me & James & Bliss & Woody are no longer puppies!!

Bye for now


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hi there

Just James & Bliss going to shows at the moment, my classes would clash with James when there's two judges & Woody's with Bliss & Jane's getting too old for all the running from ring to ring!!! When I do get entered she says I most likely will be in season & not be able to go anyway.

James won 2nd in Puppy at WELKS & Bliss surprised everyone by winning Limit. My sister Ruby, L. Wish For a Kiss From Ermebrook, was 3rd in Junior so qualified for Crufts.

Now home here we have the run of a large patio which goes the whole length of our house. Since James has been here the front door which is in the middle has had to be locked as he paws at it, leaving us all to run amok all over the house. Well yesterday we were in trouble...... As it was raining Roger shut us all back up in the kitchen & then went back to seeing to the kennel dogs. When he came back down we got all excited jumping up to the patio doors, putting the lock down & turning the key, clever us Lynwoods you know!!!

Jane & Roger locked outside, us in. Luckily the bedroom window was open so Roger shimmied up the ladder & went head first though the window, to much giggling from Jane. They now have a front door key firmly in their pockets.

Woody & Caskeys Vermillion At Bluesprings announce the safe arrival of 3boys & 6 girls on the 20th April anyone interested in the litter should contact Christine Heron, 01342 715152.

thats all for now

see Ya


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hi there

I suppose you may of thought I'd done a runner !! no still here.

I went to Crufts & got a very creditable 3rd in Junior, sister Blanche got 2nd in Undergrad.

Auntie Bronte won Veteran, well done to her & Sandy.

Bliss was 2nd in Mid Limit but the star of the day was our mummy Fern who won Open & then showed her socks off to win the CC, looking great at 7 years old we are so proud of her.

The next big excitement was James arriving fom Sweden, he has settled in really well & all of us love him, he's my half brother you know.

Didn't do too well at his debut at ISBC but placed. Bliss was the only one who went with him & she won Mid Limit.

Next James went to an Open show & only got 3rds but at Chippenham Open show this weekend David Hopewell saw his potential & gave him the puppy & Junior classes & 2nd in Grad in very good competition. He then got 3rd best Gundog Puppy.

Great news from Sweden my sister Nora has "A" scored hips. Me & James go for ours in June, so fingers crossed we will score well too.

The main website should be updated next month with pictures of us all, if Roger ever gets round to taking some.

Bye for now


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hi Everyone

Know it's a bit late but Happy New Year to you all.

Did you see that our website had a mention in the ISBC Newsletter. We really must add a link to Michelle Webster's site & update our photos, until then you can go to

I had a little rest after LKA & didn't go the the first two shows of the year but Bliss went & got 1st Post Grad at both Boston & SEISC.

Then it was off to Manchester & what a brilliant day the Lynwoods' had. Starting off with Woody winning Grad. & really enjoying his day out. Then his daughter Willow was 2nd in a very good Minor Puppy, next it was my turn & I was 2nd in another nice class of Juniors. Bliss won Post Grad again which was her 5th time so she has qualified out of that class by the number of wins & her CC. Diva ( Lynwood Theme Song For Polmennor) was 2nd in the same class. Darling Promise won Veteran, now 9 years old but looking great. Bliss then was awarded the Res. CC behind the the lovely B.Geisha Girl. To round off our day we also competed in the new competition for Top Breeder which we won with me, Diva, Bliss & Woody, we didn't stay for the group as we all wanted to make our way home.

No shows for any of us now until Crufts, Jane & Roger are off to the Carribean for some winter sun, their first ever cruise, hope they aren't sea sick!! We all must be good for Kim who is coming to look after us & the few dogs & cats in the kennels.

Bye for now


Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I know, I know !!! I made a mistake yesterday, It's not really going to be my 1st Christmas.

What I meant was last year I was only 4weeks old so don't remember any of it & we didn't get any turkey as we were already too shitty & smelly. 13 of us all too young to go outside, not nice, no wonder we had no visitors for dinner.

bye now